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Senior .NET/C# Software Engineer


Töö kirjeldus

Join us as we pursue our vision to make machine data accessible, usable and valuable to everyone. We are a company filled with people who are passionate about our product and seek to deliver the best experience for our customers. At Splunk, we’re committed to our work, customers, having fun and most importantly to each other’s success. Learn how you can become a part of our journey!Splunk APM, built upon the SignalFx and Omnition acquisitions, is a new application performance management solution for microservices and distributed applications. With the recent acquisition of Estonian-based Plumbr, the foundation of the offering became even stronger. We work on new, world-class tools to monitor and observe microservice-based applications. Splunk APM agents are built upon emerging OpenTelemetry open source projects. Our team members are one of the main drivers of the OpenTelemetry Join us to be at the forefront of the industry by creating open-source solutions for OpenTelemetry. Get involved in work that will bring personal recognition in the industry and inside the company.As a Senior Software Engineer on the Splunk APM team, you will be responsible for the development of open-source software libraries and agents that monitor and instrument developer applications with OpenTelemetry-compatible metrics and tracing. You'll use your experience to instrument or extend instrumentation of a broad ecosystem of third-party frameworks and libraries in C#/.Net, Java, Python, Go, Ruby, PHP, or Node.js. You'll also help handle the release, testing, support, and documentation of the agents.


  • Contribute to open-source, distributed tracing instrumentation libraries and agents
  • Verify or improve existing framework and library instrumentations
  • Implement new instrumentations to extend the scope of supported frameworks, libraries and applications
  • Integrate with OpenTelemetry-compatible tracers and semantic conventions
  • Verify the correctness and compliance of the integrations via automated tests
  • Perform releases and manage the distribution of Splunk's open-source instrumentation libraries and agents


  • Strong experience with C#/.Net language, experience with other OpenTelemetry agent languages (Java, Python, Go, Ruby, PHP, Node.js); experience with multiple ones will be a huge plus
  • Strong experience with modern application development workflows and version control systems like GitHub, Gitlab or Bitbucket
  • Experience working on open-source or development-in-the-open projects a plus
  • Previous exposure to application instrumentation (metrics and/or tracing) as well as open-source web frameworks and clients is a plus
  • Experience with build and release automation tools (Jenkins, CircleCI, Gradle, …) is a plus
  • Working knowledge of Docker containers and cloud platforms (AWS, GCP and/or Azure)
  • Experience with serverless development (AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, …) is a plus
  • Extensive knowledge of Windows (Unix/Linux experience is a plus)
  • 8+ years of Software Engineering experience
  • B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent

You will join the instrumentals engineering team in Splunk Estonia (Tartu or Tallinn) which is small, fast paced and highly impactful. We are looking for experienced engineers who are passionate about the quality of their work and would like to work on impactful and recognizable open-source projects. We will provide a work environment where you have clear deliverables, are empowered to do a great job and will be recognized for your achievements.You will have the opportunity to work with highly entrepreneurial team members and a team that retains its startup DNA. As a matter of fact, many of your peers and managers are former entrepreneurs themselves. You may also choose to share and talk about your work through channels like conferences, meetups, and blogs.

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